Step-By-Step Financial Aid Guide

1. Determine Your Eligibility

Eligibility to receive financial aid is determined by the information you provide in your financial aid application(s) as well as your satisfaction of several general eligibility requirements.

See if you are eligible to apply for aid

2. View Important Dates & Deadlines

When you apply for financial aid could determine the types of awards you are eligible for, so it&s important that you stay on top of the deadlines and apply for aid as soon as you are able. You don’t even need to be officially admitted as a Mesa College student. Why wait?

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3. Apply for Financial Aid

Ready to apply for aid? Fill out the FAFSA or Dream Act Application to begin the process and see what other financial aid options you may be eligible for.

How to apply for aid

4. Receive and Maintain Your Financial Aid

Explore next steps after applying for aid. Get information about when to expect disbursements and how course enrollment affects your aid. Review the requirements for maintaining your financial aid eligibility so you can keep your aid and stay on track toward your academic goals.

Keep your financial aid