Printing and Mail services (formerly Reprographics)

Print & Mail Services

The current turn-around times for pick up on the following products are as follows:
1.       Black and white:  One working day

2.       Full Color: Two working days minimum
3.       Large format: Four working days minimum
 Please observe the following notes: 
  • Pick up location for print jobs is MC-217.
  • You will be notified by email when your job has been completed.
  • If you request inter-office mail delivery for your print job, please allow an additional two working days to your order to arrive to your mailbox.
  • Print jobs received during the period two weeks before and after the first day of instruction may take an additional two working days to complete.
  • Print jobs requests having a delivery date that exceeds your due date (including mail delivery) will be printed and placed in MC-217
For delivery schedule, please scroll down to section 2A.  


The Printing and Mail services Department assists faculty, staff and students in graphic, clerical and printing needs, which include the following services: Copy/Print, Wide Format Printing, Color Printing, Laminating, Stapling, Collating, Book Binding, Immediate Copy Service, Mail Service, Fax Service, and Adjunct Voice Mail.

Please adhere to copyright laws as well as ensuring your file conforms to “print ready” format (here) and to Mesa College graphic standards.




1A. Click on the button below to submit a print order.

Printing Request

Immediate self-service coping/printing can be completed at room MC-215

1B. PRINTING SERVICES (employees): Non-standard work.  These type of ‘non-standard’ work are usually related to materials and machinery that are not readily available on site.  Please contact us before you get started on this type of service so we can verify that you will need non-standard work.

If you do need non-standard work, then complete this printing form email it to us with your file at

1C. EMERGENCY PRINTING SERVICES (employees): jobs submitted within 24 working hours of the print requirement are considered ‘emergency printing’. 

Call us to request an accommodation time for emergency printing and provide the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your order number
  3. When you need your emergency print job ready
  4. Your phone number

Please note: One class set of materials provided for emergency printing. 

1D. STUDENT PRINTING SERVICES: Mesa College uses the PaperCut Print Management system for student printing. Students can create a PaperCut print account, add funds to their print account using PayPal and send print jobs from any device on or off campus.  Please reference the MESA STUDENT PRINTING section in the Technology Services website.


Mail Services


2A. MAIL SERVICES: Employees

All U.S. mail must be received in the MC-215 mailroom by 10:00 a.m. to meet pick-up deadlines.

A daily campus mail pick-up and delivery service is provided below, please note that all times are approximate.

Mail Delivery 


Students can turn in work for their professors during our business hours by filling out a form and attaching their documents. We will time/date stamp and put in faculty mailboxes within 24 hours.



Scantron test scoring machines are available to faculty in the following locations:

  • G-339
  • LOFT (LRC 4th floor)
  • Z-208
  • S-324
  • MC-113
  • MS-302