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This program is designed to offer the Associate of Arts degree and Certificate of Performance as well as a broad spectrum of communication classes that provide preparation for the major in Communication, and training for occupations in which public contact and verbal skills are important.

Statement of Goals

The Communication Studies program is designed to prepare students to meet lower division transfer requirements and to allow students to participate in several areas of oral communication, including public speaking, interpersonal communication, oral interpretation, and debate.

Award Type Units

*and courses to meet graduation requirements, general education and electives as needed to meet the minimum of 60 units required for the degree.

Program Emphasis

The Communication Studies program emphasizes preparation for the major in Communication and provides students the opportunity to develop skill in public speaking, interpersonal and group communication, oral interpretation, and debate. In addition, students are able to participate in Speech/Debate competitions.

Career Options

Students in this program develop personal and professional communication skills that prepare them to enter careers in community service, sales, performing arts, teaching, and other communication professions. Most of these fields require an advanced degree.

Students will be assessed through a combination of performance evaluations, written assignments, and written tests and quizzes.

Speech and Debate

The Olympian Speech and Debate Program is dedicated to improving students’ speaking skills. The team will travel to several tournaments a year, competing in eleven Individual Speech Events (Informative, Persuasion, After Dinner Speaking, Poetry, Prose, Dramatic Interpretation, Programmed Oral Interpretation, Duo, Communication Analysis, Impromptu, Extemp) and Parliamentary Debate. If you wish to become a better speaker, have some fun, and enjoy a truly competitive activity, the San Diego Mesa College Olympian Speech and Debate Team is for you.

Transfer Information

Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should complete courses required for the university major and the general education pattern required by that transfer institution. See catalog TRANSFER INFORMATION section. Additional courses may be required to meet university lower-division requirements.

Course requirements at the transfer institution are subject to change and may be verified by a counselor or by consulting the current university catalog. Many Baccalaureate in Arts degrees require third semester competency in a foreign language. Consult the current catalog of the transfer institution and consult with a counselor.

Program Learning Outcomes