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A Hispanic Serving Institution

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What does it mean to be a Hispanic Serving Institution?

San Diego Mesa College is proud to be formally designated a Hispanic Serving Institution by the United States Department of Education. The purpose of this designation is to provide Mesa College the opportunity to improve the academic attainment of Latino/a, Chicano/a, Hispanic, or similar identities, and low-income students. Being an HSI means we are a reflection of our students, their cultures, values, and life experiences. It guides the direction of the college and how we go about the work that we do. Every students deserves to feel connected and safe on campus and to have access to the programs and services to successfully reach their goals. As an Hispanic Serving Institution, Mesa is committed to be the Leading College of Equity and Excellence.

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HSi infographics - addressing the gaps as an hsi (fall 2014 - fall 2018)



HSI Student Impact

San Diego Mesa College is a designated HSI (Hispanic Serving Institution), meaning funding, in forms of grants, are provided to ensure services and resources are available to the Hispanic student population to promote academic success. Grants are awarded on an annual basis and programs can vary in range of services. Below is a list of current initiatives being implemented at San Diego Mesa College to better serve our Hispanic community and become the leading college of equity and excellence to empower the diverse student body to reach their educational goals and succeed in their future endeavors.

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Proyecto Exito

Proyecto Éxito combines the idea of successfully exiting with a degree, certificate, or transfer-readiness with the Spanish word for “success.” Mesa will use grant funds to help a higher proportion of its low- income and Latino students experience academic success, allowing them to “exit” Mesa with their goals met

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LatinX Alliance

The Latinx Alliance is a volunteer organization created to share resources, connect, network and partner with Latino/a and others to help close the Latino educational achievement gap

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STEM Conexiones

STEM Conexiones is a grant funded program that seeks to increase the retention rate of Hispanic and low-income students in STEM disciplines.

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Avanza Engagement Center

The Avanza Student Engagement Center in I4-203 (located on the second floor of the Student Services Building), is an established space aimed in supporting student on-campus engagement. The Peer Navigators Program is housed here, allowing peer-to-peer interactions and mentoring to take place. The center also offers events focused on leadership development, socio-cultural experience, and academic support.

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